#Tune In Tuesday

Lots going on theses days. Let’s get to the updates.

Last movie I saw. 

My daughter and I went to see “Badder Santa”, was not what I expected. The first Bad Santa was hilarious but this second edition gave a few chuckles. As I have always stated some movies are just not meant to be remade or have several parts.  I give it four **** because of Thurman Murman has gotten older and has not changed a lick but still making sandwiches.

What I’ve been watching on Netflix.

Watching The Crown another King Henry and Queen Elizabeth era. No reviews on it just yet just started watching.

Watched “Paranoid,” it was pretty good another British detective mystery story. I enjoy the British movies, cannot wait for Luther to return.

The first time I have watched a Korean film. I must say that I truly, truly enjoyed watching, Descendants of the Sun. This movie is a must watch, such a complete love story. So much determination, trust, respect and honor. I fell in love with the star cast Joong-ki song, this guy here was on point and on time. Joon-ki song was such a loving, caring and protective person. The other main character Goo-seo Jin plays Joog-ki’s best friend, they are both military special forces. At first, you wouldn’t understand his actions, but it all comes together as both romances unfold. After this movie, I have decided to watch other Korean Netflix movies. The storyline was clean, no sexual content or language. I give it a 10. Must watch! It does have subtitles, so you need to be able to watch and pay attention. Very romantic.

Now, what’s going on with my writing and books?

Started back writing my short stories, had stopped for a long while now. I am a little upset and disappointed at my children’s book illustrator. He does good work, but it has been almost a month now, and his timeframe was supposed to be two weeks. I would hate to cancel this gig with him because I lose money on the fees that were paid and starting over would push my time back even further. I have several times explained this to the illustrator. My goal was to have the children’s book published by Christmas. Not happening. If I don’t hear from the illustrator by tomorrow, I will bite the bullet and cancel and go with another illustrator and pray I won’t go through the same thing.

I have been using sellers off the site Fiverr, which is a great site and the cost is reasonable, just do your research on the seller before buying. Everyone is not who they say they are. Fiverr offers a large variety of sellers and gigs that you may be seeking such as, editing, voice overs, blogging, website design to name a few.

Beta-reader or No Beta-reader????

I am leaning towards hiring a beta-reader for my next books before releasing. I need a third pair of eyes outside of my editor and myself before publishing anything else. I need to get as close as possible to perfection. That’s where a beta-reader comes in, they read your manuscript and critique it for content, grammar, character, the structure so on and so forth. But, I am back on the grind with these short stories, so let’s see what the outcome will provide. Open to any feedback you may have.  Would be greatly appreciated. If you know of anyone in any of these fields I have just mentioned above, please feel free to refer.

Reached My Goal! Yayyyy!!!!!

Not sure if you remember me mentioning that I had a goal to read fifty books this 2016 year. Well, today I finished book #50! I have read so many different genres from various authors, and it was only less than five books that I didn’t like. Most were interesting reads. I love reading. I won’t set a goal for 2017, but I will continue to read. I still have about twenty-five books to read that were received from new and seasoned authors that I promised to give reviews. Read on!

It’s Beginning To Look Like Christmas.

Keeping my list short and on the budget this year. You have to learn to be frugal about holiday shopping because money will get away from you quickly and next thing you know, finances are low, and bills have to be pushed back another month. Can’t keep up with the Joneses nor can we keep up with every new electronic device. Some things just have to wait. Learn to appreciate what you have, you will treasure it more. Don’t just give because it’s asked for but because it was well deserved.  Learning to be responsible and earning things that you receive is all a part of maturity.  This for folk that don’t always plan ahead for the holiday season. Think I went a bit of script. But you get the message. Lol.

Be safe while shopping, be aware of your surroundings and locations.






Available for purchase.







What Have I Been Up To!

2016-09-17-09-42-34What I’ve Been Up To!

by Petite Breaux 




Last movie I saw on the big screen.

My mother is in town from Kansas City Mo visiting for a while.

Last weekend we went to see the movie “The Accountant” with Ben Affleck. download-2I give it a 7, something was missing from the movie. It had action and drama but some parts seemed to drag. Overall, I would say hmm, I liked it. I liked the concept of




The Holidays are upon us.

Halloween night tried to decorate outside of the home a little, getting in the spirit of it all. Last minute decision to put makeup on my face and dress all in black while I sit outside with a pumpkin full of candy as I wait for my little trick or treaters.

Makeup didn’t turn out as expected, maybe next year I will try again.

What I am watching on Netflix.

I started watching a Netflix show “Z NATION” the apocalypse, it’s corny but I can’t stop watching.

Citizen Z has alerted everyone to a bounty for safely getting The Murphy to California, which he was lying just so that Murphy would no be killed, but this has caused all sorts of chaos. Everyone is now out to kill one another for this so-called bounty money.

Everything is zombies and walking dead. The guy called DJ Qualls (Citizen Z), he has played in mv5bnzg0nte4njmwn15bml5banbnxkftztgwoty3ntc2nje-_v1-_sx93_sy140_several other movies, but I remember him from Hustle and Flow. Did he get his cheeks lifted or Botox or something? I read about him being a cancer survivor, pray he continues to stay in good health and continues with his acting career. He is funny.


Update on Children’s book.

Children’s book as I have stated before has been completed, but there is one issue of finding someone to do illustrations. I just want stencil illustrations in black and white, one illustration per chapter. Once I get this taken care of, I can send the manuscript for publishing through Createspace. Hopefully, this task can be completed within the next three weeks.

What I’m writing.

Absolutely nothing! I need to be writing my next short stories.

I am getting back into my schedule of writing, I had taken a break and it’s hard getting back in the saddle. Between work, exercise, Rosetta Stone and all other minor things that come up, it’s hard to sit down and write. No more excuses, if I plan to get these stories completed, I must write even if it’s only fifteen minutes per day.

Will be updating you again soon, until then, keep smiling.

Oh! One more thing before I go.

2016-11-23-06-00-03No matter where you are, I pray that you have a safe and loving holiday. Safe travels to all,  arrive unharmed to your destination. Enjoy your time spent with family and friends. Love, peace, respect and happiness.



Before you go:

Books available for purchase.










October 19, 2016

“Class Reunion “

Flew home on Southwest airlines to Kansas City, MO.  FL Schlagle High School Class of ’81’ 35-year reunion (Kansas City, Ks.) It was my first time attending, had a really great time. It was good seeing old friends and classmates. Will be in attendance for the 40th. Just a few pictures of the fun.
























On top of the reunion, Earl and I painted the exterior of my mother’s house. What an ordeal, trying to paint a house in three days at a time frame of 7 hours or less a day. We had help for one day, which was an advantage . We finished and it looks nice.  That’s me looking like a little boy. img_07251img_07261





















Movies and TV Shows

October 02, 2016

Magnificent Seven!!!!

Good movie, Denzel did a great job as a cowboy. Chris Platte funny as usual, I like him. Ethan Hawke (Goodnight Robicheaux) love that name. I am sure we will hear that someone has named their child this name.download

Now, I need to go back and watch the original Magnificent Seven to refresh my memory. Go see it, won’t disappoint.

Other Television series that I enjoy on the regular to name a few: Ray Donovan, Shameless, Game Of Thrones, Greys Anatomy, How To Get Away With Murder, Scandal, Blacklist, Devious Maids, Pretty Little Liars, The Affair.

Those that are no longer showing that I loved to watch: Sons Of Anarchy, True Blood, Boardwalk Empire etc…

Free PDF book download

October 01, 2016

Free PDF Download

Get your free pdf copy of my memoir, Slightly Bruised and a Little Broken, once you have finish reading please leave a review on Amazon.411q8ar60zl

Free download ends November 15, 2016

I have read some other books in the same genre as my own and I must say, when you think you have had it bad there is always someone who has had it worst. My story was just the lighter, the others had the flames. As I continued to browse other books in the same genre, I was shocked at how many books have been written on this same subject. It is as if the world had just turned a blind eye to abuse and domestic violence.

Abuse and domestic violence is still a big problem in society today, especially in our younger generation. We need to find a way to stop this from happening. I am not ashamed of my past but very happy and blessed to be where I am today. We definitely shared some of the same abusive experiences that I could relate to, but no one deserves to be abused mentally physically or verbally.

Back in the old days and I mean wayyy back in the day things that went on in this nature was swept under the rug and dared to be mentioned. We don’t have to be silent anymore, let our voice be heard on abuse, tell someone, get help and get out of that situation as quickly as possible. Don’t let anyone make you feel that you are less than them, don’t let anyone lower your self-esteem, don’t you ever think that you cannot make it in life without them because you can and I have. Let’s keep moving forward.

Children’s Book

September 2016

Been struggling with writing the children’s book that was requested by my granddaughter.

I have written the book and now currently in the editing phase. So, far, I am not cut out to write a children’s book. I just cannot get it to flow or be entertaining. At the moment it appears this book will only be written for the grandkids as a keepsake, will not be marketable. Just being honest, if it’s not funny or catchy to me, why would it be to anyone else.

I sure hate this, but I cannot do this to myself. I am trying to get better with my writing, produce reading that everyone will enjoy. Working very hard to make sure my next book doesn’t get published with errors as did my first.

Netflix and Chilling

August 2016

Just a day  relaxing on the couch binge watching Netflix movies. I was all into the movie Stranger Things. stranger-things





My favorite character is :dustin-gaten-matarazzo


Dusten Gaten-Matarazzo, he seemed to be the only one that made sense most of the time. Love his lisp tongue and chubby cheeks.

Eleven, her character name, come to find out she is a Nicki Minaj fan. The cast of Stranger Things was on Jimmy Fallon show and Millie Bobbie Brown (Eleven) millie-bobby-brownrapped one of Nicki’s songs to the “T ” almost better than Nicki herself.



Also, watched on Netflix, “The Get Down,” a story about rapping and Grandmaster Flash back  in the day. My favorite scene was when Cadillac was on the dance floor, he thought he was the ish! Those were the times.

As you can see, I am a movie buff. I like the series “The Strain,” it’s uugghh, gross and nasty but good. the-strain





Oh, got up off the couch and went to see the movie “Don’t Breathe,” mann oh mann talking about no mercy. It was a movie about a blind man who lived on a deserted street all alone, him and his dog.

These young kids thought they could break into his home and rob him of his millions he had received in insurance money from the death  of his daughter.

They were mistaken and things went wrong, not as easy as they thought it would be. Didn’t like the ending but understood it. dont-breathe


Cruise Vacation

May 11, 2016

Took some time away from work and writing.

Vacation time, went on a 7-day cruise, flew into Puerto Rico to board the Carnival Cruise ship. We made stops to Barbados, St Lucia, St Thomas VI, and St. Marteen, such beautiful islands. We had  an awesome time.

We did zip lining and snorkeling, two more things to cross off of my bucket list.  When I say we, I mean Earl and I.

While relaxing out on the ship deck, I did plenty of reading.  I love reading books of all genres.

Once we debarked from the ship.

We stayed an extra day in Puerto Rico sight-seeing before flying back home .

Cannot wait for my next cruise, already planning. I believe everyone should take at least one cruise and enjoy the experience of the open seas. It’s fun for everyone, always something to do and much entertainment.

And, the cost is not bad either.


Marvel Matinee

May 15, 2016

My significant other and I went to see Captain America: Civil War. cap-and-iron

I enjoy marvel adventure movies. Very action packed with a sense of humor, especially Iron Man played by actor Robert Downey. Iron Man never fails to have a sarcastic remark. Can’t wait for the next one.

I am still writing and reading my books. It is not easy with a full-time job and everything else to stay on task.

I won’t quit, not now.

My Blog

Thursday October 29, 2015

So, I am getting ready for next week, the book launch. I am nervous because I am a people person but not a public speaker. I have no clue as what to do with a book launch. I never intended for my book to go any further than to Amazon. It was written for my own personal therapeutic reasons. My daughter thinks that I should do more with the book. I feel accomplished, because I actually got it published.

Now, I have gotten my event invite cards printed, the poster and flyers completed. I have also booked the room at the Marriott. If anyone shows up it would be great and if they don’t that will be great too, I tried. I must say that I am making progress. It is definitely hard work and lots of spending. Just way outside of my budget. Here is a photo of the poster. This picture does the poster no justice, it’s really cute.

November 07, 2015

​Book launch went well, i am pleased. Not a very big turn out but it was wonderful, we laughed, we cried but all in love. Now, i can focus on my next project. Slightly Bruised and A little Broken,, I must say is going well. I am very proud of myself.

November 27, 2015

Day after Thanksgiving, Happy Thanksgiving to all. I am so thankful for my family, I am thankful to be alive and in good health, being able to breathe and see another day is always a Blessing.

I have major writers block, I have started on the children’s book which I am dedicating to my grandchildren, but not sure if I want to make it a story-line or just a children’s book.

I am working on transferring my site to WordPress, which would give me more free options. The thing is, I no idea on how to design a website, but i will not give up on doing so.

Well until next time, everyone be safe this holiday season, love much, laugh much and be happy and drama free.

December 07, 2015

Purchased Take Off Your Pants! Book By Libbie Hawker, felt as if I need a Little boost on getting my children’s book completed and one other that I am working on. This writer’s block has really taken a toll on me. I feel as if I am stuck in quicksand. I know I can do this and I will. Just like my website, I want to redesign it on word press and cannot figure it out and it cost too much to hire someone to design it like I would want it to be. So, I have watched a YouTube video for beginners on how to design your word press site. Another goal I know that I can achieve, it may take a few tries but I will get it, watch and see. One day you will come back to my site and see the changes and say to yourself, she did it…lol Have a wonderful day!

February 02, 2016

Website has been under construction now for two months, didn’t expect this. I have been struggling with getting this site build and the problem is that I have no clue how to build a WordPress theme or any theme for that fact. So frustrating. I wanted to announce the author book fair and the book giveaway on Goodreads. Hopefully it will be back up by this Saturday. A lil late but guess it will be worth it. I was thinking, why does it seem that no one really is interested in reading a memoir that doesn’t have a known name behind it? Soon as someone well-known announces they are writing an auto-biography or any book, we can’t wait to purchase. Why do we as people see the well-known name more interesting than the unknown name when we all have a story to tell?

February 15, 2016

Somewhat frustrated!!! had to cancel my web hosting and go back to WordPress free plan. Just could not find anyone to help build/design my site for me within my budget. I was wasting time and money just having the site under construction. I will work on it on my own and get it up and visible.

February 19, 2016

This Saturday the 2oth, i will be attending the Local Authors Expo and Book Fair along with many, many authors promoting and signing books. held at the Birmingham Central Downtown Library for 9:00am to 3:00pm. https---img.evbuc.com-http%3A%2F%2Fcdn.evbuc.com%2Fimages%2F17532377%2F161694392800%2F1%2Foriginal

February 20, 2016

The Authors Expo was a great experience. I met new and old authors, I got the chance to speak with a few and have interesting informative conversations. So much more to the writing world that I was not aware of. So enlightening. I have much more to learn and plenty of work to do.

I got the redbox movie the Intern, it was a really sweet movie. I like Anne Hathaway she is a great actress. I thought she was very funny in Devil Wears Prada and Bride Wars (the dance off scene). I just love Robert De Niro every since, Godfather, Goodfellas, Casino,Heat, Last Vegas,  Meet the fockers, the Parents and Little Fockers, Righteous Kill to name a few…lol.

Authors Expo 2016

February 19, 2016

This Saturday the 2oth, I will be attending the Local Authors Expo and Book Fair along with many, many authors promoting and signing books. Held at the Birmingham Central Downtown Library from 9:00 am to 3:00 pm. https---img.evbuc.com-http%3A%2F%2Fcdn.evbuc.com%2Fimages%2F17532377%2F161694392800%2F1%2Foriginal

February 20, 2016

The Authors Expo was a great experience. I met new and old authors. Had the chance to speak with a few of the other authors, shared interesting and informative information. So much more to the writing world that I was not aware of. So enlightening. I have much more to learn and plenty of work to do.

Didn’t do so well in the book sales department, but it’s only the beginning. Just a learning experience.

After the expo was over:

Stopped and picked up a Redbox movie The Intern; it was a really sweet movie.the-intern I like Anne Hathaway she is a great actress. I thought she was very funny in Devil Wears Prada and Bride Wars (the dance off scene).

I just love Robert De Niro every since, Godfather, Goodfellas, Casino, Heat, Last Vegas, The Fockers, Meet The Parents, Little Fockers, and Righteous Kill to name a few…lol.