Hey, all! I am back for another week to share with you what’s in my heart.

Although, I am a Black American of African descent. Despite my ancestor origins, I was born and raised in America.  I am no less American than any other race that was born and raised in America.  And I am no more American than those from other cultures who have chosen, against enormous odds and at incredible costs, to make our great nation the place they call home.

I believe that all lives matter – all races, creeds religions, and colors. We all bleed the same color blood and, whether American or some other nationality, we have to live with one another on the inhabitable planet I know of.  Becoming united as a human race should be everyone’s goal because, let’s face it, no one is born a racist, a bigot, a feminist, etc.   This division that we may sow, cultivated via our upbringing and feed by indifference and the company we decide to keep, is as devastating and silently traumatic to the bearer as it is the recipient of such nonsense.

Surely we can “act” like it doesn’t matter, but it is acting nonetheless which is sometimes so well played and well versed, even the actor has himself or herself fooled into believing that it doesn’t matter.  As Americans, we cannot afford “take the low road” lest we self-propel ourselves into the likes of a third world country.   Yes, America is the land of the free and opportunity, but our laws, our government and our justice system is all unjust, bias, and unfair.

My hope is that we, as Black Americans / African Americans, make a greater effort to come together to help one another instead of being jealous of one another or tear each other down rather than building each other up.  Yeah, we bitch and moan when someone of another race shoots one of our kids, but if you look closely, it is we who kill the most Black Americans / Africa Americans.

Yes, I am pissed at educational and economic inequality which leads to fewer opportunities which lead to despair and lost hope.  Then, we have the audacity to have kids and, by example, put them on the same course in life.  But change starts with us – now – in America. We have to start holding ourselves accountable, but more so, we have to start holding each other accountable to doing what’s right instead of doing what’s easy.  We are large in numbers, so if we do this, we may be able to reset the racial tone for our entire nation.  Just imagine.

Sometimes I hear people talk about coming from Africa and how we were brought over here on slave ships.  All that was back before my time.  I didn’t come over here on any ship.  As a matter of fact, there are some of Africans that do not care for the Black American cultures.  Sure, we may have the complexions and hair textures born of Africans, but those born in Africa and us born in the United States are two different cultures.  But I would no more be able to go to Africa and fit in with my traditional Black American ways than Africans could easily fit in America.  But I still consider Africans as my sister and brothers because this is where both our roots began.

Watching the Mandela story, even while in prison he requested that all Africans and colored were treated as that of the white prisoners. Also, when he gave his speech, he sought equality for all Africans, Colored, Indians and Whites. Therefore, we are of the separate culture. Don’t forget there are those who consider themselves white Africans, maybe not born of African descent but born in Africa. We have others that are the same shades of brown complexions, same hair textures, but of different cultures, to name a few: Britain, and London, and the UK, and Jamaica, and Haiti, and Spain and so on. Still, as an American, you could not go to any of these countries and expect to live in your traditional American ways.  Hey, I am just saying.



Which box do you check? We all mixed up in here one way or another.


And, by the way, I noticed while Mandela was in prison their daily prison routine was sitting outside chipping away at white rocks, why was this?

Can someone answer this question for me? 




And speaking of slaves, I cannot image what the slaves had to endure and suffer through to survive.  But will the struggle and the fight ever end?  It seems like we are still fighting that same many of the same things as we did 50+ years ago – racism, hatred, and injustice.  But we must continue to hold on to our hopes and dreams that, one day, all the fighting will finally make a difference. I know it’s sickening to hear almost every time you turn on the TV that another black life was taken or the unfairness of the justice system.  But the answer is NOT realized by going out in anger, hurting others, rioting or burn down our neighborhoods. Just another way of how we destroy ourselves.  Was this the ultimate plan by the powers that be?

We have to change our way, we have to change our attitudes, and we have to do the unexpected.  I can talk about this, but I have no plans to go out and protest for fear of the uncertain.  Things have a tendency to get escalated unnecessarily, and peaceful quickly turns to unpeaceful.  Dr. Martin Luther King promoted peaceful protests of non-violence so that our voice and our issue are heard.  Something we should all strive for as we collectively make our thoughts known.  It is not just a “black thang,” because many other races face the same or worse struggles with homelessness, poverty, deplorable living conditions, lack of clean water, adequate clothing, unemployment, etc.

If we take the time and make an effort, to look beyond skin color and really get to know one another, we just may find that we have more in common than you know.  Isn’t this the same thing that Maya Angelou quoted?

I do not see skin color.  However, I do see people.  And if another person who doesn’t know me don’t like me, I DON’T CARE – they just don’t know me.

Again, there are just my feelings and opinions. Freedom of speech is AWESOME!

Until next week when I speak of more what’s in my heart.

Be safe and have an enjoyable weekend.

Share your thoughts and comments but play nice.



Je Ne Sais Quoi!!!!


Feeling a lil something-something / feeling some kind of way

Receiving compliments used to be something that was hard to accept. I have always been so critical of myself and sometimes negative about many things in my life.

However, over the years I have grown and become a more mature positive person. I have changed my “Attitude.” Like that old cigarette commercial with the jingle…

You’ve come a long way, baby

To get where you’ve got to today

You’ve got your own cigarette now, baby

You’ve come a long, long way

If you can remember back that far, maybe you weren’t born yet. I used to love that commercial. It first came out in 1968 when the very first cigarette made for women; its ad featured “New Woman” free of oppression, smoking proudly. Smoking Virginia Slims was freedom; it was liberation for women! In 1969 and 1976, the ad actually included an African American Woman. In addition, this was the last cigarette commercial to be aired on American television.

In 1978, Virginia Slims Light was introduced. 1985 New Virginia Slims 120’s, longest slim cigarette of all was introduced, and in 1987, the Ultra-Light 100’s were introduced.

You ask, what does this have to do with anything? It is more about the jingle than the cigarette. Just thought I’d add little history behind the cigarette since it was made for women.

To lay it all out for you is that lately, I have been in that Je Ne Sais Quoi, moment. Feeling good about myself and life. Things still may not be how I want them to be or expect it to be but, in a comfortable place in life right now, don’t need money to feel good about yourself just a little confidence, good attitude and self-esteem can you make you feel a certain Je Ne Sais Quoi.

Here are a few scenarios that I have come up with:

1) As she sashayed down the corridor, there was a woman standing in the aisle observing her with a friendly smile. She stopped and greeted her with a hello and kindly asked, is there something that I can help you with? The woman continued to look at her smiling, and to in her response, she said no, nothing is wrong, you just walked down this corridor as if you were just free not a care in the world. She didn’t understand what the woman meant by free or if it were a positive or negative comment. Therefore, she just replied “I am,” and the woman said with humor in her voice, I know that’s right.

2) Arriving at her morning appointment, confident, bright-eyed and glowing, she was escorted towards where her doctor was seated. As he turned and noticed her approaching, they exchanged good mornings and he gestured for her to have a seat. He said to her; you look lovely today, really lovely, I just love your ensemble, really nice. She said, thank you, nice of you to mention.

Thinking to herself, (I just threw something on didn’t care if it matched or not, it was a very early appointment and no one would see me, and I would be heading straight home afterward.) Nevertheless, she decided against stating her thoughts and just accepted the compliment and felt good about it. It was uplifting and a great way to start the day.

3) Receipt of a compliment from a friend of a friend who just wanted to acknowledge that she was a person with a certain mentality, positive, energetic, very independent, happy, smiling, good attitude, and a hard worker. Considered as a good help-mate and a friend. She found this to be much unexpected, as she had no dealings with this person and no idea that she was thought of in this manner. They were but merely acquaintances. The compliment was accepted with a sincere thank you and that was the end.

You never know who is paying attention to you. Still, Never Judge a Book by it’s Cover.

Compliments can stem from one’s attitude, how you interact with others, so on and so forth. Change your attitude; try to be a more positive person. We can only change what is in our control and the rest we have to let go and let God. Only he can change the things we cannot.

Try to hold your head up higher,  square your shoulders a little broader and walk little taller, have more confidence in yourself. Believe in yourself and try not to let others or things still your joy and happiness. Choose your battles.

When you feel better, you look better, when you look better, you feel better, and when you look and feel better, you act better. Attitude, positivity, self-esteem, and confidence – no time for low self-esteem–love yourself.

Not there yet but still moving forward and growing forward, one day at a time. Obstacles will continue to get in the way, you get over one hurdle and then here comes another one or two, and you know what, take it one at a time. Just keep going, keep jumping those hurdles. Life throws curve balls all the time, but you cannot let that stop you either, you are not a quitter, I’m not a quitter, life does not stop so keep going and pray for the best outcome.

Sometimes I get angry at situations, but I have to let it go. If I can fix it, fix it but if not, let it go. Some ask if I go to church? Let’s say, no, I don’t go every Sunday, but I go when I want to go. Doesn’t mean that I don’t believe in God because yes, I do believe in God. I know that he is my savior, my strength and my father in heaven, there is no me without him. Some may frown on that but it is my choice, and I have only to answer to him not man.

It doesn’t matter what you look like, what you have or where you come from,  attitude is key and plays a very important role in life.

I have learned to love myself! 


Share your thoughts; tell, what your Je Ne Sais Quoi is


What I’ve Been Up To 

Not too much lately. Still busy as ever with other things. Still writing, working on a few short stories and one novel. I do believe that I have major writer’s block. I have to stick with it or else who will write my stories? Haven’t watched anything new on television, trying to get back on a serious writing schedule. Back in the gym, it’s hard when you fall off. That’s all for now. Look for next weeks blog until then, mind your attitude.

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