images (8)“Slightly Bruised and a Little Broken” is the extremely honest story of one woman’s long journey of abuse. Although at times it seemed to jump around, I could feel the pain from Petite through every word on the pages. I read the book from start to finish over several hours…missing nothing, and I found tears running down my cheeks when I was finished. Her story was mesmerizing and at times, I wished I could have reached through the pages and given her a hug. This memoir is honest and open, and Petite gets right to the point with each abusive incident. She tells her story in an impersonal and detailed way…almost detaching from the pain that she is really going through. You will, however, feel all of her pain as you read her memoir. The way Petite recalls small details and events, and the flashbacks and images from each abusive occurrence reveals how painful and lasting these injuries are for her. I was inspired by her resiliency and willingness to keep “moving on” after each abusive event in her life. I am happy that Petite was able to work through the abuse that shaped her life. Her openness, sincerity, and honesty are beyond inspiring, and her story is worth reading. –Desert Happy Gal 8/26/2015

If there were an award for strong you would be the winner, with everything you have been through, you still held your head high, went back to school and didn’t let the negative bring you down. Your son and daughters have a strong role model they can look up too. At the end of the day you have more personal achievements than you may realize. -Navy Mechanic 8/26/2015

You were an organized mother because I watched you maneuver your child in school you taught me how to be prepared… wash, sterilize make bottles and prepare the bag at night, sacrificing for your children, how to walk away from people that are not good for you. And to hear you went back and got your masters just learned that in reading your bio and that doesn’t surprise me. Even tho you didn’t walk across the stage with us you have surpassed most of us. Your beautiful physical and smart. I watched you more than you know. I can’t wait to read it I’m proud of you lady! –Dear High School Friend 8/26/2015

An easy read, while taking a ride on an emotional Roller-coaster! – Karon Ellington 09/06/2015

This book will inspire women. It showed how we could go through something and come out undefeated. This book was an eye opener for me. I hope all women read this and be inspired by Petite Breaux. –Co-worker 10/19/2015

I met the author a few years ago, and we have had some fascinating conversations. But we have never gotten quite this deep. I bought the book at 6:30 and wrote the review at 9-ish.

It was like sitting in a dark bar drinking smooth liquor and just saying what comes to mind. This explains so much about you P. I am so glad you got it all out. You told quite a tale. I like you even more for the telling.

It just occurred to me. . . this story reminds me of Zorra Neil Hurston’s “Their Eyes Were Watching God”. I am ready to watch you grow as an author. – Coffee and Conversation 11/06/2015

That is great on your book, hope everything goes super well with it. You are a strong & beautiful woman; I admire that about you because you always stayed real! Proud of you, Petite real talk. Keep up the great work. Yes, the saying is true eyes are always watching when you least expect it. I met you @ a time in your life you was not happy, but you did a HELL EVA job raising your kids! Everyone can’t make it through the struggle like you did, consider yourself STRONG & don’t let anyone tell you different. WE KNOW lolol!! – Long Time ATL Friend  12/05/2015

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