Netflix and Chilling

August 2016

Just a day  relaxing on the couch binge watching Netflix movies. I was all into the movie Stranger Things. stranger-things





My favorite character is :dustin-gaten-matarazzo


Dusten Gaten-Matarazzo, he seemed to be the only one that made sense most of the time. Love his lisp tongue and chubby cheeks.

Eleven, her character name, come to find out she is a Nicki Minaj fan. The cast of Stranger Things was on Jimmy Fallon show and Millie Bobbie Brown (Eleven) millie-bobby-brownrapped one of Nicki’s songs to the “T ” almost better than Nicki herself.



Also, watched on Netflix, “The Get Down,” a story about rapping and Grandmaster Flash back  in the day. My favorite scene was when Cadillac was on the dance floor, he thought he was the ish! Those were the times.

As you can see, I am a movie buff. I like the series “The Strain,” it’s uugghh, gross and nasty but good. the-strain





Oh, got up off the couch and went to see the movie “Don’t Breathe,” mann oh mann talking about no mercy. It was a movie about a blind man who lived on a deserted street all alone, him and his dog.

These young kids thought they could break into his home and rob him of his millions he had received in insurance money from the death  of his daughter.

They were mistaken and things went wrong, not as easy as they thought it would be. Didn’t like the ending but understood it. dont-breathe