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Hello everyone!

Pray all is well. It has been some months since I spoke with you. Just a quick update. I wanted to share my birthday. Little late but it’s alright.

I have been very busy with my regular work schedule, but on better note have been busy writing as well. The pages and the storylines are coming together. I am so far pleased, and I hope once published you will be too.

I am working on completing my short stories that will be all apart of one book, a variety of stories. One fantasy adult novel, one suspense/fantasy for all ages, and one general fiction novel. All of the works and release date to be announced later down the road. My goal is to have all published by the end of 2018. I have decided that this will be the last of my writing.  Writing is not an easy task, I have the dedication but feel the desire is gone.  I have too many things on my plate and not enough time in the day. Something or someone will be neglected.

My stories all stem from something that I have dreamed up or something that I am familiar with in one way or another. I know that my thought process and storylines are weird at times, there also odd to me. But, those are my stories, and if I chose to write anything else, I would try too hard to write as if I were someone else, it would not be me, so let’s keep it real and write my ideas. I will be using the author name just Deirdre., as I no longer need the pseudonym PetiteBreaux.

April was a great month, also my “55” birthday!  I am now part of the senior citizen club, I was excited to be able to receive the perks and discounts afforded to senior citizens but it was making it to another milestone. To be alive and healthy and enjoy some of the discounts. I am just so happy and Blessed to be able to wake every day in good health. Life is good! I pray for everyone to keep on living and to enjoy each day that is given to you. Tomorrow is never promised. Be kind to one another and let go of the past.

i don’t like crowds, don’t do well with them but this year for my fifty-fifth birthday, my milestone, i wanted to do something. Wasn’t as if some would have celebrated but done it my way. I invited a handful of friends and some friends of others to join me at Dave and Busters for food, drink, conversation and just a good time. I reserved the Jack Daniels room, had ordered a few platters, unlimited beverages, and it was an open cash bar for those who wanted a stronger drink. Everyone could not make it but those that did, we had a wonderful time, everyone was on their best behavior, which made the night even better. The highlight of the night for me was that all my children were in attendance for my big day, much appreciated and much love to each of them. My VSO of course always by my side, cheering me on, love him for being a part of my life. Oh, in case you didn’t know what vso stands for, very significant other, this is the title he has given himself.   I thank my mother for giving me life, much love to her.  All my other guest, I genuinely appreciate the time they took out of their day to celebrate with us. Those who wanted to be there and could not, I understand and appreciate your birthday shout outs. This birthday was different then my others, it felt as if it were about me, my gifts were very thoughtful and loving. I have some pictures. One gift is missing from my daughter, she brought me a Tiffany Dollhouse, as she knows, I love building these houses to completion, I love working with my hands. These homes, take patience and it’s very relaxing.  A monetary gift from my son and family not shown but appreciated.  It was all about me and my day, and it felt terrific. I cannot mention it enough; it was beautiful! Even if it weren’t any gifts at all, I could not have asked for anything more, the atmosphere and the surrounding of loving people was enough.

Couple of videos my daughter youngest took.

Glynis Harris on Instagram: “Moms 55th bday @mommad50”

Glynis Harris on Instagram: “My gift to @mommad50 for her 55th bday”

A wood watch from my younger brother, different but lovely. Thank you

Julia Child cookbook from my daughter, something I have wanted since 2009. Very unexpected! All the birthday cards, the words, and expression of love were warmly appreciated. 

My gift cards, the Starbucks and Red Robin from two close and dear friends, thank you both very much. Fashinova gift card from my loving cousin, happy shopping.

Diffuser and candle from a lovely young lady, I call a friend. It’s Pink and has a very great fragrance–love it.

The pumps that I wanted, they look classy. From my VSO. Love it. I sure needed this replacement.



The question was asked about the Julia Child cookbook, was I going to cook or would the book stay in plastic. When I saw the movie, Julie and Julia, i wanted to cook everything in the book. I will tell ya this, I won’t be slaving around in the kitchen because we all know my cooking days are slim to none but I will cook a few recipes out of this book, now that I actually have it, I am motivated again. I will not let this gift go to waste. My VSO can share it with me. I guess you ask why the picture of the other cookbook. Well, I had been watching Tia Mowry’s cooking show in the past and tried some of her recipes because again they looked great and healthy, so when she came out with her cookbook, I purchased it. Now i have two professional cookbooks that I will start using.

That’s all for now, will keep you updated on the writing and publishing of the new books and their titles.

As we move into May, let’s continue to move forward, no looking back.



What Have I Been Up To!

2016-09-17-09-42-34What I’ve Been Up To!

by Petite Breaux 




Last movie I saw on the big screen.

My mother is in town from Kansas City Mo visiting for a while.

Last weekend we went to see the movie “The Accountant” with Ben Affleck. download-2I give it a 7, something was missing from the movie. It had action and drama but some parts seemed to drag. Overall, I would say hmm, I liked it. I liked the concept of




The Holidays are upon us.

Halloween night tried to decorate outside of the home a little, getting in the spirit of it all. Last minute decision to put makeup on my face and dress all in black while I sit outside with a pumpkin full of candy as I wait for my little trick or treaters.

Makeup didn’t turn out as expected, maybe next year I will try again.

What I am watching on Netflix.

I started watching a Netflix show “Z NATION” the apocalypse, it’s corny but I can’t stop watching.

Citizen Z has alerted everyone to a bounty for safely getting The Murphy to California, which he was lying just so that Murphy would no be killed, but this has caused all sorts of chaos. Everyone is now out to kill one another for this so-called bounty money.

Everything is zombies and walking dead. The guy called DJ Qualls (Citizen Z), he has played in mv5bnzg0nte4njmwn15bml5banbnxkftztgwoty3ntc2nje-_v1-_sx93_sy140_several other movies, but I remember him from Hustle and Flow. Did he get his cheeks lifted or Botox or something? I read about him being a cancer survivor, pray he continues to stay in good health and continues with his acting career. He is funny.


Update on Children’s book.

Children’s book as I have stated before has been completed, but there is one issue of finding someone to do illustrations. I just want stencil illustrations in black and white, one illustration per chapter. Once I get this taken care of, I can send the manuscript for publishing through Createspace. Hopefully, this task can be completed within the next three weeks.

What I’m writing.

Absolutely nothing! I need to be writing my next short stories.

I am getting back into my schedule of writing, I had taken a break and it’s hard getting back in the saddle. Between work, exercise, Rosetta Stone and all other minor things that come up, it’s hard to sit down and write. No more excuses, if I plan to get these stories completed, I must write even if it’s only fifteen minutes per day.

Will be updating you again soon, until then, keep smiling.

Oh! One more thing before I go.

2016-11-23-06-00-03No matter where you are, I pray that you have a safe and loving holiday. Safe travels to all,  arrive unharmed to your destination. Enjoy your time spent with family and friends. Love, peace, respect and happiness.



Before you go:

Books available for purchase.










October 19, 2016

“Class Reunion “

Flew home on Southwest airlines to Kansas City, MO.  FL Schlagle High School Class of ’81’ 35-year reunion (Kansas City, Ks.) It was my first time attending, had a really great time. It was good seeing old friends and classmates. Will be in attendance for the 40th. Just a few pictures of the fun.
























On top of the reunion, Earl and I painted the exterior of my mother’s house. What an ordeal, trying to paint a house in three days at a time frame of 7 hours or less a day. We had help for one day, which was an advantage . We finished and it looks nice.  That’s me looking like a little boy. img_07251img_07261