Hey, guys! How is everyone doing? Another week of sharing what’s in my heart.

I was watching the series “The Designated Survivor” with Keifer Sutherland (President Tom Kirkman) my Jack Bow-Wow. He’s not my President when I heard those words, I immediately thought of our current president. In this TV series, this man was sworn in as president because he was the designated survivor, the current President and entire staff had been killed in a terrorist attack.

He was not elected nor voted into this Presidency. Tom Kirkman, didn’t ask for the position of President and didn’t want it. He didn’t have any knowledge of running a nation. Never in the armed forces. No congressional background what so ever and Congress, the governors, and the people were so disrespectful towards him, would not address him as Mr. President,  but as Mr. Kirkman, just all kinds of rudeness. This man is a good and honest family man, trying to do what’s right by the people and for the people, but no one wanted to work with him. Every which way he turned he hit a brick wall. Eventually, he gained the respect and trust of a few aids. Not sure how this story will unfold. But this is just for TV.

Mr. Trump wasn’t a designated survivor, and this is no TV series. He didn’t have the background that many sought in a President-elect. I suspect that the people were seeking something different, someone, that would be for the people, for our country. You get so tired of hearing all the political speeches, the promises for our nation, blah blah blah…presidential choices were slim to none, but the people voted.

I see and hear these words “He’s Not My President” so often about the situation with our new president, President Donald Trump.  

Donald Trump!  People have got all upset depressed, ranting and raving about this man because of what they see of him on television or what they have heard about him in the media.  I do not know Trump.  I do know his words and tweets have a tendency to get a lot of people upset.  One reason why I don’t read his tweets or listen to his speeches.  I believe what he does and what he says are for one purpose – to rattle everyone’s cage.  They should ban him from all social media.

This congressional party unlike no other that I have saw, is a joke, a real circus act Among the Powerful. A bunch of clowns, jumping through hoops and juggling etc…

But I cannot, and will not, let this person get me upset; there is not a damn thing I can do about what he says or does as our new president EXCEPT pray for the best.  I understand he may not have been who we wanted in the white house, but what’s done is done.  Let’s move on, make the best of it and just focus our energies on those things which are within our control.  Otherwise, you’re just wasting your time.

But let me be clear, I may not like President Trump, and I can’t say that I don’t like the man,  don’t know him, but if he asked me to come work for him in the White House, Hell Yeah I would jump at the opportunity. Would look at as a once in a lifetime opportunity that may give me the opportunity to get to know the person within the President.   Honestly, I’ve never known of or heard of any past or present President until they became the President of the United States. Outside of that, I  wouldn’t be able to distinguish him from a can of paint.  It seems that they have just said the things they feel the American people want to hear to get votes.  We don’t know who will keep their word and do what is necessary to make the country a better place.

It’s almost the same as meeting someone new and getting into a relationship; we honestly do not know this person.  I had never heard of President Obama until he ran for office, but I had known about President Trump from his TV show “The Apprentice” and his hotels, but still I did not know this man. I don’t believe he is a political person, nor has he ever been a member of the armed forces but he is a business man with plenty of nothing to say. I don’t watch politics, and I try not to listen to it either. Not a fan.

It’s like starting a new job; they make it sound so wonderful that you can’t resist the offer and so you accept the employment.  Later you realize the job is nothing like they described it and not only do you not like the job, you find out you don’t like the manager either.  Now you’re at a job that you don’t like, working for someone you like even less, but you have to continue going to work because you need the income to survive, until you can find another job that you HOPE is better.  But you deal with it the best you can, especially when no one is there to offer financial help or pay your bills.

I said that to say this, it is the same viewpoint we should have for our current President.  We have to deal with the hand that’s  given to us; he is our President (for now).  Thank God for term limits in this case.  May not like him, or what he does, or what he says, but remember he is only a man.  He is not God, and he is not a god.  Only God has the power to change things and people and situations, so we should pray for our new President as we prayed for our old President and Kept It Moving.

Not saying we give him a chance; some may end up liking him or not, but he were elected. Or, we can just let this Presidency run it’s course and see how it all unfolds. You know those sayings, what goes on in the dark, will eventually come out in the light. Give em enough rope and they will hang themselves.

It is good and bad in all of us; he is just another one. It’s hard to believe anyone in politics. It’s not always WYSIWYG there are plenty out here in sheep’s clothing. We cannot let one bad apple spoil it for everyone although sometimes there are more than one.  Everyone can’t handle being in authority, but every person new to a job should be given a full and fair chance to either shine or to fall flat on their ass.  But, we the people, have to hold these elected officials accountable to do what is right for the majority.  Being president of the United States comes with a lot of power.  The power to do great things, but on the other hand, the power to destroy great things.

Just as Diddy stated, not everyone can handle power which could lead to a lot Bitchassness going on.  But I’m paraphrasing.

In conclusion, I try hard to take life one day at a time and pray for the best outcome. I cannot and will not sit around worrying about what our president is or is not doing – that is out of my control.  I don’t claim to like political stuff and have never really understood politics.  In my humble opinion government has a tendency to look out for the government which is why we should look out for one another.  I just pray that the majority of governmental decisions are made for the people and not for the government. Stayed prayed up, it’s all we have.

A nation as great as ours has to have a strong government to ensure our high standards are, and continue to be upheld.  There is so much going on around us in the world today; it is as if the bible’s predictions of the end are starting to come true.  Everywhere you turn, there’s crime, senseless killings, homelessness, and poverty. But, my question to each of you is so how do we fix it?

He is your President!

I’ve always pondered this question, is the president actually for the people or themselves?

Again, there are just my feelings and opinions. Be nice; I know some of you will want to lash out.

Freedom of speech is AWESOME!

Share your thoughts and comments.

2 thoughts on ““HE’S NOT MY PRESIDENT!”

  1. This was a very true blog. We have to roll with the punches. All we can do is pray for our country and president. It is sad that we have a president that has no clue on running a country. It is what it is.


  2. As always, another interesting post. “Designated Survivor” is a good show. Didn’t think it’d be something that I could get into but I like it. As for the pink man with the comb over, I have no words. Perfect example of #bitchassness


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