Under Construction

February 02, 

The website has been under construction now for two months, didn’t expect this.

website-under-constructionI have been struggling with getting this site build, and the problem is that I have no clue how to build a WordPress theme or any theme for that fact. So frustrating!

I wanted to announce the author book fair and the book giveaway on Goodreads. Hopefully, it will be back up by this Saturday. A lil late but guess it will be worth it.

I was thinking, why does it seem that no one really is interested in reading a memoir that doesn’t have a known name behind it? Soon as someone well-known announces they are writing an auto-biography or any book, we can’t wait to purchase. Why do we as people see the well-known name more interesting than the unknown name when we all have a story to tell?

Now, here it is February 15, 

Somewhat frustrated!!!

Had to cancel my web hosting and go back to WordPress free plan. Just could not find anyone to help build/design my site for me within my budget. I was wasting time and money just having the site under construction. I will work on it on my own and get it up and visible.

So tired of seeing this warning!!!!download-1

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