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Thursday October 29, 2015

So, I am getting ready for next week, the book launch. I am nervous because I am a people person but not a public speaker. I have no clue as what to do with a book launch. I never intended for my book to go any further than to Amazon. It was written for my own personal therapeutic reasons. My daughter thinks that I should do more with the book. I feel accomplished, because I actually got it published.

Now, I have gotten my event invite cards printed, the poster and flyers completed. I have also booked the room at the Marriott. If anyone shows up it would be great and if they don’t that will be great too, I tried. I must say that I am making progress. It is definitely hard work and lots of spending. Just way outside of my budget. Here is a photo of the poster. This picture does the poster no justice, it’s really cute.

November 07, 2015

​Book launch went well, i am pleased. Not a very big turn out but it was wonderful, we laughed, we cried but all in love. Now, i can focus on my next project. Slightly Bruised and A little Broken,, I must say is going well. I am very proud of myself.

November 27, 2015

Day after Thanksgiving, Happy Thanksgiving to all. I am so thankful for my family, I am thankful to be alive and in good health, being able to breathe and see another day is always a Blessing.

I have major writers block, I have started on the children’s book which I am dedicating to my grandchildren, but not sure if I want to make it a story-line or just a children’s book.

I am working on transferring my site to WordPress, which would give me more free options. The thing is, I no idea on how to design a website, but i will not give up on doing so.

Well until next time, everyone be safe this holiday season, love much, laugh much and be happy and drama free.

December 07, 2015

Purchased Take Off Your Pants! Book By Libbie Hawker, felt as if I need a Little boost on getting my children’s book completed and one other that I am working on. This writer’s block has really taken a toll on me. I feel as if I am stuck in quicksand. I know I can do this and I will. Just like my website, I want to redesign it on word press and cannot figure it out and it cost too much to hire someone to design it like I would want it to be. So, I have watched a YouTube video for beginners on how to design your word press site. Another goal I know that I can achieve, it may take a few tries but I will get it, watch and see. One day you will come back to my site and see the changes and say to yourself, she did it…lol Have a wonderful day!

February 02, 2016

Website has been under construction now for two months, didn’t expect this. I have been struggling with getting this site build and the problem is that I have no clue how to build a WordPress theme or any theme for that fact. So frustrating. I wanted to announce the author book fair and the book giveaway on Goodreads. Hopefully it will be back up by this Saturday. A lil late but guess it will be worth it. I was thinking, why does it seem that no one really is interested in reading a memoir that doesn’t have a known name behind it? Soon as someone well-known announces they are writing an auto-biography or any book, we can’t wait to purchase. Why do we as people see the well-known name more interesting than the unknown name when we all have a story to tell?

February 15, 2016

Somewhat frustrated!!! had to cancel my web hosting and go back to WordPress free plan. Just could not find anyone to help build/design my site for me within my budget. I was wasting time and money just having the site under construction. I will work on it on my own and get it up and visible.

February 19, 2016

This Saturday the 2oth, i will be attending the Local Authors Expo and Book Fair along with many, many authors promoting and signing books. held at the Birmingham Central Downtown Library for 9:00am to 3:00pm.

February 20, 2016

The Authors Expo was a great experience. I met new and old authors, I got the chance to speak with a few and have interesting informative conversations. So much more to the writing world that I was not aware of. So enlightening. I have much more to learn and plenty of work to do.

I got the redbox movie the Intern, it was a really sweet movie. I like Anne Hathaway she is a great actress. I thought she was very funny in Devil Wears Prada and Bride Wars (the dance off scene). I just love Robert De Niro every since, Godfather, Goodfellas, Casino,Heat, Last Vegas,  Meet the fockers, the Parents and Little Fockers, Righteous Kill to name a few…lol.

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