Petite Breaux

For anyone who has been abused or violated, your life doesn’t end there. This story is told of Petite a young girl, a young woman who went through life suffering from the pains and heartaches of molestation, rape, teenage abuse, domestic violence, lies and failed relationships.

The struggles, being a teenage mother, a single parent, and making ends meet. Why keeping silent is not the answer. How she overcame, remained strong, didn’t let life wear her down. She was determined to make life better for not only herself but also her children. Petite later went back to school and earned her Masters degree in Business Administration. She did not let her past struggles hinder her from moving forward. Slightly Bruised and a Little Broken, Petite tells her story…

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“The Whispering of My Heart “ is a short story of a young girl, DeDee, who is looking for something or someone to love. She is being bullied at school and only has two classmates that she considers to be her friends. Then one day she noticed something odd as she looked out of her kitchen window…

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“Slightly Bruised and A Little Broken”, a memoir (My first published book 2015)

The cover design changed several times. This is the third cover design: I like this choice.

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“SLIGHTLY BRUISED AND A LITTLE BROKEN, A Memoir Rewritten and Revised edition” has received a facelift, a new cover image. Last and final, this one states it all.


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5.0 out of 5 stars
A story of overcoming!

By Desert Happy Galon, August 16, 2015 Format: Hardcover|Verified Purchase

“Slightly Bruised and a Little Broken” is the extremely honest story of one woman’s long journey of abuse. Although at times it seemed to jump around, I could feel the pain from Petite through every word on the pages. I read the book from start to finish over several hours…missing nothing, and I found tears running down my cheeks when I was finished. Her story was mesmerizing and at times, I wished I could have reached through the pages and given her a hug. This memoir is honest and open and Petite gets right to the point with each abusive incident. She tells her story in an impersonal and detailed way…almost detaching from the pain that she is really going through. You will, however, feel all of her pain as you read her memoir. The way Petite recalls small details and events, and the flashbacks and images from each abusive occurrence reveals how painful and lasting these injuries are for her. I was inspired by her resiliency and willingness to keep “moving on” after each abusive event in her life. I am happy that Petite was able to work through the abuse that shaped her life. Her openness, sincerity, and honesty are beyond inspiring and her story is worth reading.

“THE WHISPERING OF MY HEART” a short story of love and acceptance.


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Customer review

5.0 out of 5 stars
For the lonely and those who need something or someone to love.

By Barbara Davis-Thompson, LCSWon January 27, 2018

Format: Kindle Edition

Reviewed in the United States on January 27, 2018

Petite Breaux’s book the whispering of My Heart is the story of a bullied, brutally lonely, and despairing 11 year old DeDee, daughter of a single and quite strict mother. DeDee longs to be accepted and understood by anyone, someone other than her mother, and her unbearable loneliness eats away at her young soul.

DeDee spends broken days at school and be it by daydreams, playing with the Ouija Board, or by other means, she conjures she needs a pet monkey to fill her soul, all the while knowing her mother would never allow her as much as a normal pet like a kitty or puppy.

Author Breaux’s book touches a painfully sore spot within anyone who has experienced being left out, feeling unloved, mistreated, and having been too alone, too often. The Whispering of My Heart is a story of redemption, the redemption of love through the heroic rescue of a monkey that DeDee learns is in the home of her dour neighbor Mr. Reynolds. And Mr. Reynolds is badly abusing Chloe, the name DeDee gives to the monkey.

The belief in DeDee’s heart that Chloe will take away her heart’s pain and fill her soul gives her the courage to rescue Chloe freeing both of them in unexpected ways.

Author Breaux’s is a heart-warming story that touches the heart and soul.

“Fun With Grandma” Complete with love, joy, fantasy thrills and excitement.


My inspiration behind writing “Fun With Grandma” My grand-daughter Nariyah asked me to write a story about us, which when she says us she means herself, her two brothers and me. She said it should be about the fun we have when we are together and how much I love them, especially her. So, that is what i am working on my second book a children’s book, but also trying to get guidance on how exactly to go about writing a young children’s book.

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Customer review

5.0 out of 5 stars
Elementary children will love this fantastical story.

By Havelotskids, January 9, 2018

Format: Paperback

Elementary children will love this fantastical story.
Great resource for an art teacher to have them illustrate the characters they are reading about. The author used an easy to read font for children with shorter sentences and a writing that will appeal to children. Appropriately named as ‘Fun With Grandma’ describes what happens in this book from page one to the end. Thoroughly enjoyed this story of a grandmother rejoicing in every moment with her four grandchildren and the adventures they have. This edition will help any one who reads it tap into their imagination and laugh aloud at the antics of the grandmother and children. Wonderful story of how grandchildren help keep grandparents feeling young and how incredibly fun and easy it is for grandparents to spoil their grandchildren. With excellent marketing this remarkable book has all the earmarks of being a child’s favorite and a wonderful bedtime story