Petite Breaux

Petite Breaux

Became a first-time author June of 2015 when I wrote my memoir “Slightly Bruise and a Little Broken.” I could not have been more proud of myself.  One more goal accomplished, and it felt great!

A mother of three great adult children, three grandchildren and one on the way. Returned to school at the age of forty-two, graduated in 2009 with a Master’s Degree in Business Administration. My time is divided between family, writing, reading, TV, traveling and working full-time. I must confess,  I am a bit of a Loner. Born in New Orleans, LA and since then have moved around quite often. I have resided in Chattanooga, TN, Waco, TX, Irving TX, Kansas City KS, Kansas City MO, Georgia, Michigan, and currently a resident of Alabama.

I chose to write because I had a story to share, and as I wrote, found it healing, a place to let my mind just get away. Outside of writing, I would have to say that life is good at the moment, no complaints.

“SLIGHTLY BRUISED AND A LITTLE BROKEN” has received a facelift, a

new cover image. I just love this new cover.


Wonderful news!

My children’s story “Fun With Grandma” has finally been completed and published. Cover and Interior both look awesome.  I believe your children of all reading ages will enjoy this book. Now available on…

Also, available at other online retailers such as kobo books, itunes, Barnes and Noble and BookDaily. Be sure and grab yourself or gift someone a copy. Leave a review with your thoughts online with amazon or your choice of retailer. Reviews are welcomed and very much important to Indie authors as it helps us to gain recognition as authors.  We thank you in advance.